This post is sponsored by San Bernardo Ice Cream, but all thoughts and opinions are my own”

If you are in Miami, you already know that October is still the time for ice cream! “Welcome to Miami!” One step outside and — bam! — you think it’s still Summer because the weather is still in the high 80’s! There’s no better time to celebrate ice cream than in Miami with San Bernardo Ice cream!

Let’s celebrate Everyone’s Love for Ice Cream with San Bernardo’s Mango Fiesta Flavor!

Especially since San Bernardo is locally based in the sunshine state of Florida as well!  Did you know that San Bernardo Ice Cream uses only premium All-Natural ingredients and fresh exotic fruits? All the ice creams contain 20% less sugar and fat and are rBST free, which really make San Bernardo shine compared to other premium brands. You’ll really be able to step outside and feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, even when the weather does eventually start to cool down!

Do you know San Bernardo Ice Cream?
The story behind this company is fascinating. As a daughter of immigrants and walking my parent’s path, it is important for me to always buy products that carry a family success story with them. Originally an old Cuban dairy company with almost 100 years of history, the San Bernardo Ice Cream brand came to the United States to bring “the old flavors of home” to the throngs of Cubans taking up residence in Miami in the 1950s and 1960s!

San Bernardo Ice Cream was the local scoop shop and a mainstay in the community for the original Miami-Cuban community that settled around Flagler and 12th Avenue (known as “La Sagüesera”) – long before there was a Little Havana. With this history, this ice cream hits home for me- literally!

San Bernardo flavors are incredible because there is something for everyone… plus, all the ice creams are made with only natural, quality ingredients. They contain no artificial flavors or artificial colors and no high fructose corn syrup.

Visit the San Bernardo website today and use my special discount code, “EverybodySpoons7” to get 6 FREE giant brownies and cookies (3 of each) with any pint purchase (For a Limited Time Only)! Your favorites will be delivered right to your door, packed in dry ice, and ready for the guilt-free indulgence!

The Escapes Collection™ is one of my favorites, as it has ice cream flavors for all taste buds. Including Tropical Escapes®, Italian Escapes®, American Escapes™, and Asian Escapes™.

Today I want to talk to you about my favorite mango ice cream. Mangos are rich and exotic, bursting with flavor and considered the “crown jewel” of Florida’s tropical fruits. Mangos are oblong shaped, larger than an apple, and thick-skinned and colorful. With my Chicanol version of a mango bowl for breakfast recipe, inspired by the San Bernardo Mango Fiesta flavor that actually uses exotic fruit in the flavor, it worked out perfectly!

I picked mango because it is a fruit rich in acids such as malic, vitamin A and vitamin C, which provide the body the right materials to fight against free radicals.
This bowl is a better for you option that you can eat for breakfast. I can assure you that you won’t feel hungry for about four hours after eating; plus, the mango flavor will give you the sweet touch your body needs to burn throughout the day, so don’t worry about the calories.

You can also stay up-to-date on all the unique and fun recipes via social media for San Bernardo Ice Cream by using and clicking on the Hashtag #SpoonThis.

Ingredients for Mango Fiesta Bowl
San Bernardo Mango Fiesta: about 3 to 4 spoons.
One avocado – includes a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 vitamins and minerals
Nuts: are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
Goji Berries: help to strengthen bones, hair, and skin

Enjoy! Tell me what you think of my San Bernardo Mango Fiesta bowl. You can purchase all San Bernardo Ice Cream flavors via their website.

Don’t forget to use my special discount code, “EverybodySpoons7” to get 6 FREE giant brownies and cookies (3 of each) with any pint purchase (For a Limited Time Only)!

San Bernardo Mango Fiesta Bowl- Video Prep: https://youtu.be/W0HU0GEG0Dg