Ser madre es una aventura, ser mamá y latina, es sin duda un reto, pero somos fuertes y podemos con todo verdad que si?!

Mama Latina lo Puede Hacer Todo

Latin Mom Can Do Everything

Being a mom is a whole new adventure, being a lating mom is a challenge, but we’re strong and can do everything, right girls?!

Latin Mom Can Do Everything

A tipical day on a latin mom’s life

  • 3 hours playing with kids
  • 2.1 hours children’s activities
  • 2.8 hours shopping
  • 1 hour getting kids to bed
  • 3.1 feeding the children
  • 4.2 house chores

More time for the kids and less for:

  • -35% Couple
  • -38% Her
  • -38% Work
  • -25% Media (TV, pc, and others)
  • -23% Friends
  • -30% Beauty

Doing several things a the time is the key to be always online.

While watching TV:

  • 67% uses social media channels like facebook and twitter
  • 51% Texts/searches online
  • 55% Reads/Answers emails.

And you, how to do manage to be a full time mom and a full time latina?!