According to the The Lancet Psychiatrynos magazine, there is a high possibility that a specific type of mushrooms could be used to deal with depression effectively. This psychedelic might be the key to overcome depression!

Depression is a disease that affects people in different degrees (lightly, moderately or severely) and there are people who need to take pills and drugs. This study is an advantage for those who want to treat their depression without taking pills and drugs that contain chemical that cause terrible damage on our body.

This could be an unorthodox treatment for people with moderate and severe depression according to a source in the Hospital Sucker Hillside, in NY. In this same hospital the test with psilocybin (a compound that psychedelic mushrooms have) was carried out.

After three months of experimental treatment, at least 65% of depression patients experimented a reduction regarding their depression symptoms without side-effects.

What is psilocybin and how it stops depression?

This compound is found in psychedelic mushrooms and it has similar effects to drugs used in antidepressive treatments. Psilocybin goes straight to the brain, to the serotonin receptors, as regular antidepressive drugs do. It is even faster and more effective than them.

Even so, it is still a drug and must be used carefully in order to avoid side-effects nor create addiction.

Nature seems to have all the answers within all its incrediblely variety of species… Though this treatment is still on study phase, the discovery is seen as positive, because medicine is looking for more natural ways to deal with diseases, such as depression.