quit-smoking-for-good1. Chew gum, it will help reduce your anxiety. If you have one handy, a toothpick can operate as a surrogate.

2. According to the Asians, the intake of herbal tea can help reduce cigarette consumption.

3. Avoid routines that take up smoking. Do not stand at the window and always avoid being with people who smoke.

4. He smokes a cigarette less each day. In contrast, others have been better to completely eradicate snuff in his life. If your decision is the latest, strip all that identifies you as a smoker in the trash, that includes ashtrays, pipes, etc..

5. Chew a bit of ginger root. Tastes bitter, but they say it works.

6. The species in general can distract you from smoking. Such is the case of cloves, cinnamon stick or eucalyptus.

7. Eat lots of water and sugar-free drinks when you are tempted. 8. Before bedtime, take a hot shower. This will relax a little.

9. Keep a bag of shredded carrots and when you feel like smoking, get in my mouth a little of this plant.

10. Tell your friends that will ban smoking.