•Horsetail tea: Tea is a diuretic and tonic, take one or two cups a day maximum. This herb helps to reduce anxiety, distress, stress and depression, that much influence in making obese binge food. In addition, intestines and blood cleanses toxins and unnecessary adhesions.
• Sarsaparilla Tea: helps remove the fluid retained in the body, helping to lower the overweight caused by fluid retention.
• fucus Tea: Weight Loss excellent properties, ideal to combat obesity and hypothyroidism, cleanses the body of beneficial fats effectively. 2 or 3 cups a day help you lose weight.
• Hyssop Tea: This is a very effective reductive you, you can take tea or tincture, helps burn fat quickly and eliminate toxic waste from intestines and blood.
• horehound tea: antinflamorias and slimming properties. Help to purify the body and cleanses it of fat and toxins. Two cups a day in the diet will be enough to start losing weight.
• Green tea: besides being a purifying and slimming you, is rich in antioxidants, which help prevent premature deterioration of the cells. Two or three cups a day after eating are very effective against grease, helping the oxidation of fat stores. There is evidence that consumption of green tea increases metabolism which is essential in weight loss. Take a cup of green tea in the morning helps burn about 80 calories per day.
• Red I: is preferred for weight loss, helps purify fat quickly and effectively.
• gotu kola tea: has very beneficial effects on blood circulation, combat cellulite and also to burn fat and promote blood circulation, helps to reaffirm the tissues. Three cups a day of this tea per day are sufficient.