Today I’ll tell you about cleaning with natural products. You wonder,  it’s possible? Sure, and the best of all, you probably have everything to hand.

There are four essential products for green cleaning: vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and salt, which combined are fantastic to make your chores easier.

3 Natural products to clean your house

I share some ideas that you can include in your domestic routine :

  • Floors: mixed vinegar with warm water, and proceeds to wash the floors. In case you want a little shine, passes a mop soaked in sparkling water. With this system will eliminate grease and bacteria from the surface.
  • Window glass and mirrors: dissolve the juice of two lemons in half gallon of water . Spray the surface to be cleaned by wiping with paper or a old cotton shirt (do not use).
  • Toilets: rubbing internally the toilet with baking soda and a brush. To clean externally,used a little vinegar.
  • Air Fresheners : soak a cotton ball in the essential oil of your choice and hide in a corner of the room. A delicious aroma will be in your space!

With these simple recipes can start your green cleaning routine. Look at 3 eco-friendly household cleaner recipes… Hands to work!