If you are in your city, or traveling, you might want to keep your figure and therefore will you turn to exercise. The outdoor exercise is the best choice for those with an adventurous spirit! And the best part, you can save a lot of money as you interact with your surroundings.

There are many outdoor exercises, and the most common range from walking, jogging, running, to practice yoga. The truth is that almost any sport can be performed outdoors, unless special conditions are needed for this exercise.

That means that’s no excuse not to! and if there are little válidas.Así sure you move your body and let’s get to exercise.

Today I want to give you three ideas of places that exist in almost all parts of the world, that you exercise outdoors, you connect with your surroundings, you follow your routines motives and continue your exercise. Are you ready?

3 Places for outdoor exercise anywhere

  1. The streets of the area (city / development / location): Yes, they may seem crowded with people, cars, etc, etc, etc. But exercise on the streets of your city has many advantages. You can get to know new paths while trotas, seeking new routes, even discovering new places you will try later. And the best is near your home.
  2. The beach, lake, or spaces like that: Surely your city has a lake, beach, natural or derivatives pool. If this is so, take advantage. Natural sites help much water concentration when exercising. In addition, you link with nature and creates a much more spiritual for sports space, which presents an overcoat which benefit to those who practice yoga and pilates.
  3. Municipal (or near) parks: There is nothing better to do sport in a park close to home. You will connect with nature in a natural, comfortable and possibly suitable for individual or team sports space. Looking for a mate, or just practice your sport. You’ll see that every day you get something new in the park that will surprise you.