That pressure on the inside of your ear, lack of listening, or discomfort, may mean you have clogged ears. Want to fix that? Here are some natural remedies for clogged ears

Clogged ears are often due to the accumulation of wax or respiratory infections. This discomfort can be mild or severe, but regardless of how you feel, you can try these different tips and natural remedies for clogged ears.

Natural remedies for clogged ears

Hydrogen peroxide: Place a drop of hydrogen peroxide in your ear and feel are uncovered

Warm olive oil: Be careful not to overheating it. Using an eyedropper apply a small drop of olive oil into the ear. Rest hearing the other side to prevent drain. Then let the oil run out.

Steam: Inhaling steam can relieve the blockage if for plugging nasal congestion. Boiling water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil or lavender improve results

Here’s is another natural remedy for clogged ears:

Yawning: it stimulates the muscles around and makes the air pressure inside your ears to equalize.


What do you do to unclog your ears?