Recently one of my readers asked me about endometriosis and a possible natural way to treat it. Here is this article for possible causes and some natural remedies for endometriosis.

about endometriosis…

This disease, which affects women, not only can cause fertility problems, but it can hinder sex, cause pelvic pain and painful menstruation. Doctors have defined the disease as a set of symptoms that are caused by a type of cells lining the uterus and grow outside the womb.

What does this mean? That means that there is a uterine cell growth in other areas of the body other than the uterus. They are ready to respond to hormonal stimuli by which symptoms of pain, irregular bleeding and fertility problems. This infection directly affects the menstrual cycle.

How does endometriosis occur?

Although it seems hard to believe, one of the causes of the manifestations or symptoms of this disease are precisely the normal menstrual cycle of women. Why is that so? Let’s remember that uterus is a kind of bag or inverted glass, it thickens the wall as the menstrual cycle progresses to the female body gets ready to host an embryo, this is achieved thanks to the influence of very specific hormones (steroid hormones). When the time comes and there has been a conception, the body senses that everything has already been prepared and served not discarded, this is menstrual bleeding that pulls all this layer of cells formed.

But what if part of the endometrial cells discarded, were not all properly expelled and some remain in the body?

This is the case of endometriosis, there is an implantation of these cells outside the normal cavity (uterus) in varied areas, such as inside the pelvis, in the same ovaries, but may also be implanted in intestines, bladder or rectum or other body areas. In addition, these implanted out of place cells continue “under the command” of hormonal influences as they are not dead cells. This means that sometimes bleed when the ovarian cycle ends because they try to “obey the order to discard” but you can not detach.

Natural remedies for endometriosis

Many doctors treat this condition with hormonal treatment too aggressive and strong side effects for our body. Today I want to bring some popular home remedies that you can apply to avoid suffering from this disease, relieve pain and balance your body.

  • Angelica sinensis plant, known as dong quai: used in Chinese medicine to alleviate and combat gynecological disorders. You can get it as powder or capsules, and preferably recommend ingesting them on an empty stomach for a month.
  • Ginger: A cup of ginger tea is great to combat the symptoms of endometriosis. Perfect for when we get nausea and cramping. For each cup of water placed 3 of ginger.
  • Chamomile: A Perfect chamomile tea to relieve menstrual cramps and pain more smoothly.