Time does not slow down for anyone. Unfortunately, the passing of time can be emphasized first on a person’s face. The passing of time can cause fine lines, wrinkles, and cheeks that may even appear sunken. Since many people like to keep their youthful appearance, they are choosing to get facelifts and other cosmetic surgery done. 

Most people want to look as good as they can for as long as possible, so a facelift is a great way to achieve that result. These procedures are the fifth most popular plastic surgery. Women get the procedure more than men. Another name for this procedure is rhytidectomy. It is completed under anesthesia, but there is some healing time that is required. It lifts the skin and smoothes out any wrinkles that have formed. A good surgeon will be able to come up with ways to better enhance the features that someone already has. Before going in it is important to recognize this is major surgery and should be treated as such. 

Why go the “surgical” route?

Plastic surgery is better than most options on the market because it lasts longer than those other options. It can also render natural-looking results. Many times people will look at least ten years younger after having a lift completed by a board-certified surgeon. Many times people who usually use a large amount of makeup are able to cut back on using so much because they feel better about themselves. A lift is known to give people a large amount of confidence. When people feel better, they have a better overall quality of life. 

It is highly beneficial to find the right surgeon to complete the procedure. All surgeons are not the same. Taking a look at past clients is a great way to get an accurate depiction of the kind of surgeon. Also, reading the reviews on a particular practice would be beneficial. A consultation will give a person a better understanding of a doctor. They will need to have a person’s complete medical history and go over things that could affect a procedure. If someone is a smoker, they are asked to stop smoking in advance. Smoking restricts blood flow in specific areas, and this can slow down the healing process. The operation time will usually last around two hours. After the surgery, people usually only feel a small amount of discomfort. Resting will help after surgery. For the first week after surgery, it is important to take it easy. 

If someone is thinking about having the surgery, they should really consider the healing time. They should have time off from doing things and be able to allow their bodies to have time to heal properly.

Types of Lifts

Many people may be under the impression of it only being one lift procedure; however, various things could be done that are still considered to be a facelift. The SMAS facelift is one of the most popular kinds of lifts. SMAS stands for the superficial musculoaponeurotic system lift. This covers the muscles from the forehead to the neck. This is when the surgeon is able to lift the layer. The surgeon will start from the eyebrow and make an incision that will flow all the way to the ear. The skin is lifted and tightened until the surgeon reaches the nasolabial folds. If any fat needs to be removed from under the chin, the surgeon will suction it out. After the skin is lifted, the SMAS portion of the procedure is completed. The surgeon will lift the SMAS portion and cut any excess skin. Stitches will have to be used in this procedure. This is used to keep everything in place. 

Another kind of lift is the mini lift. This is a great option for people who do not have a large amount of excess skin. This involves shorter incisions, and the skin is not lifted as hard. Only a small amount of skin will be removed. 

The mid-lift is also known as a cheek lift. Someone will have an incision under the eyes. Then, the cheek would have to be separated from the bone. Then the cheek will be lifted. 

Most men do not have these kinds of procedures done. One reason is that there can be a large amount of bruising for months. So, women can cover a large amount of this with makeup and their hair. Men are less likely to be able to do that. 

More on Facelift

The results of these procedures will last around seven years. Even though someone may have the procedure done they will continue aging. Someone at seventy will many times look younger if they had the procedure done earlier than someone who had never had anything done. 

The cost of the procedure can vary greatly from one surgeon to another. People should at least be expected to pay around seven thousand dollars to get this kind of work done. It can vary from around four thousand to up to twenty thousand depending on the place. 

People who do have some form of lift done are able to experience some amazing results. Finding the right doctor to perform the procedure will definitely help a person to achieve their desired result. Now more than ever people are having plastic surgery done. It used to have a negative stigma attached to it and now it seems that everyone knows someone personally who has had some form of cosmetic procedure done.