Pumice, also known as “pumicita” or “liparita”, is a volcanic rock of low density and high porosity, its color is grayish-white. When the pumice is used in industry, is also called “pozzolan”.

Use the pumice stone for your beauty

  • In the manufacturing of abrasive products for cosmetic and dentistry.
  • The pumice has a gentle peeling action and is used in cosmetics as a scrub to remove dead cells, and help achieve a smooth and soft skin.
  • It relaxes and soothes the body surface. The porous texture of pumice makes it easy to clean the most delicate body surfaces, including the soles that are covered in countless nerve endings and that with proper podiatric massage produce a stimulating relax.
  • It can be used to remove calluses and corns on soles, hands and elbows. Do not use in the rest of the body because it can be irritating, and do not use more than once per week. You can start by dipping in a bath of warm water with salt, it relieves swelling and pain. With moistened pumice, always perform circular movements gently. Finally, apply a special moisturizer for the feet, and the result  is going to be excellent.