Define your look and give it depth with this professional technique that you can do at home. Who wouldn’t like t o have the secret of a deeper look?

You might have heard of the recent technique called “cut crease”. Lots of bloggers and vloggers have managed to promote this new trend, which has been used by artist such as Kim K and Adele. Their looks astonish us! If you want to apply depth to your eyes, don’t miss this article.

What about the cut crease trend? It is a well defined line in the eye socket, to give it “natural” depth and make it look much more intense.

Do you want a deeper look? Follow:

·         Use a primer to make the shade attach strongly and better to your eyelid skin.

·         Put makeup the eyelid in a similar tone as your skin’s to create uniformity.

·         Use a darker tone (brown or beige) with a thin brush to define your eye socket with a line.

·         With a brush difuminate the line. It is like “contouring” of eyes.

·         You know the line is perfect when you open your eyes and the shade is over the line of the eyelashes.

The best recommendation I can give you regarding this trend is that you make it as simple as possible: use an eyeliner, mascara to enlarge your eyelashes and let the simplicity of this play along.