I always liked public speaking, I have participated in various conferences worldwide and am active part of the community to bring my Natural, Organica and Latina experience. The ShiftCon is one of the projects where I will be part of this year as a lecturer. And you can not miss it!

One of the ways to improve your environment involves getting into these spaces that are created to discuss problems and share solutions that are affordable for everyone. As an influencer, one of the things you have is the power to reach out to the masses. You, as the reader, are here to be part of a large community and you too are part of the challenges and change. That’s why this October we will have ShiftCon 2016 in New Orleans!

What is ShiftCon?

It is the only social media conference focused only on food, wellness, health and the environment; where other workshops, networking, groups and intensive collaboration of people who want to make significant changes in the world are mixed. All in one place! Can you believe it? Full of bloggers, influencers and other media professionals space to inspire others and enable them to create effective communication.

To participate in this conference is to be part of a movement, and learning workshops where experienced people generate added value to their subjects and specializations. Everything focused on the ecological niche, health and wellness online!

I, as a Latina, will be participating as speaker of the conference call: The Race Forward: Challenging Racial Stereotypes How Eco-Friendly Benefit Industry Growth. It will discuss the use of racial stereotypes for profit growth in the green industry.

I’ll give you a little preview of what this conference will play in one sentence: The culture of the “minority” must change the mindset that need to be high class to have a healthy lifestyle! African Americans are the smallest racial minority in the United States with 14% of the American population. Hispanics and Latin Americans account for 17% of the population. These two “minorities” together account for an absurdly huge sum of dollars in purchasing power, and yet the food industry and organic products has ignored them in advertising, marketing and educational efforts with respect to white Americans.

Why do we talk about this? It may be that decisions taken by companies unintentional institutionalized harbor stereotypes that cause them to think and investment efforts will not get far in this type of minority community

At this conference we will give a thought to the subject, and will test our thinking in terms to see green solutions and organic products for a multicultural population. And this is when I enter! As a Latina I am a #1 consumer of GMO free, eco-friendly and organic products. Don’t you think my opinion about this issue will be quite impressive?

That’s why I want to invite you to join me in the ShiftCon 2016, which will take place at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans, LA.

You get a special discount coupon ($50 less in your entry) using this special and unique code for you: FITCHICANOL.

Enter here: http://shiftconmedia.com/register