Have your own spa at home, it’s really easy and today I’ll show you how you can get your self a nice treat without spending a lot in an expensive spa.

You can make beauty treatments with products you have in your pantry. Having your own home spa is simple. This pink Tuesday, the day for us I share some home treatments you can do very easily:

  • Relaxing bath: Combine coconut milk and rose water.
  • Moisturizing Emulsion: honey and olive oil. Mix, apply on your skin and rinse with warm water.
  • Exfoliate your body with brown sugar and honey.
  • For soft lips, spread a mixture of petroleum jelly (not petroleum) with sugar.
  • A mask of egg yolk with lemon juice lets you reduce rosacea.

Have your own spa at home

Having your own spa at home is very simple. Here are some great treatments you can easily do at home. Pink Tuesday is for you!

Ten Tu Propio Spa en Casa / Your Own Spa at Home


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