Doesn’t it bother you that just when you thought you had everything ready to start working out, your hair starts to get all crazy and becomes messy. Has it ever happened to you during your spinning class?

Today I want to give you some ideas for styling, so the focus of your time in the gym is the exercise and not your hair. Here are 6 excellent hairstyles to work out


High bun


The bun is king of pensioners training when we speak because it captures in all the hair of all lengths (to reach at least be a queue). This high bun get your hair is out of your way if you lie down on your back or yoga and pilates; and you avoid the hair on your face if you’re doing bailoterapias or Crossfit. Remember to help yourself with all split ends you want and slip tapes.

If you are more clever with your hands, you could try a reverse braid with your bow, to fix the loose hair. What is?



French or fish braid

One of the best styles for training because it keeps your hair and layers secured and away from the face and helmets / caps.

Headband Braid

If you have bangs, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Say goodbye to the hair on the face full of sweat, so this hairstyle is perfect for those strong cardio sessions and sweaty circuits.

Two braided pigtails

If you thought this was only for girls hairstyle, you were wrong.It’s perfect for different types of training! And besides, it is fashionable. It works great for spinning classes or classes on the ground, as it keeps your hair fastened perfectly.

Braided Hair of Woman in Bathtub

Plain ponytail or braid

You can do both combined or separately. My recommendation is to combine the typical ponytail with a braid, which gives you a quick look but fulfilling the goal: tame your hair and keep it subject during heavy training. This is perfect for long sessions of cardio.

Grouped ponytail

If you want to try something completely different and trendy you can use this idea grouped horsetail. All you need are different elastic and play with the length of your hair bands. This hairstyle will keep everything in place especially busy in classes such as spinning.