Meditation is something that has been done for thousands of years, people of different cultures and religions. Regardless of your beliefs, meditation goes beyond a cult practice a completely beneficial to the health of your body and mind. Meditating at home is good for you.

Meditating at home is a “selfish” practice in the sense that you only need to bring your focus and delve into your thoughts and get a relaxed state totally delicious.

People who meditate tend to reduce their stress levels, due to the habits of everyday life. Also, when meditating at home you have a better mental clarity that makes you think about things from a viewpoint neutral and relaxed. Some people with addiction problems, illnesses and even surgeries claim that the recovery was much faster with the help of meditation and personal practice.

How can I do it? Meditating at home is easy. There are many ways to meditate, but I’ll give a small practical guide with 6 steps you can apply at home. Are you ready?

  • Find a quiet place for meditating at home: you choose. It should be a clean, tidy, preferably with natural light. The environment directly affects meditation.
  • Choose a good time for meditating at home: preferably do it at the same time. It is recommended to do in the morning and at night, no hassles or interruption.
  • Prepare the elements: if you want a mat, cushions, relaxing music, turn off your cellphone.
  • Get into the right position: The most common is sitting cross-legged in a position to “Indian” and hands resting on your knees. Open your chest and let yourself be taken away by the life around you
  • Focus on your breathing: Inhale and exhale deeply, feeling the air goes up every little part of your body.
  • The moment of perfect meditation is when you’re in limbo REM sleep and waking. That moment is where your mind is focused and concentrated on your body and your empty of all negative thinking. Read more about sleep stages here

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