We all know the body parts we want to tone up. We know perfectly well where’s the abdomen or where are our buttocks. However, the bad habit of exercising only what we have in front of us, has make us ignore certain muscles that we must take into account when working out.

One of these muscles that we forget (or maybe don’t know about it) is the psoas. Some may have heard its name; others will not even know what it is. The truth is that this deep hip muscle is virtually hidden.

The importance of exercising the psoas

It begins in the spine, passes in front of the pelvis and inserted into the femur. It is extremely important, since active and allows movement of the lower limbs. In fact, it is what makes possible that we stand, and lift up your legs to walk. Among its activities is the rotation and abduction and hip flexion and torso forward and sideways.

When we have the psoas tense or shortened we can’t stand right, and some people find it impossible to lie face down. It affects the lumbar curve, weakening our lower back, which can reach injuring it. That’s why you should be exercising the psoas. One way to keep it healthy, strong and flexible is to practice yoga or Pilates. With both types of exercises, we lengthen the psoas, improve the position of the column, and get a more balanced stance.

If you want to release unnecessary tension of this muscle, lengthen the front of the thighs, and your legs and pelvis move more smoothly, you should start exercising the psoas, no matter how hidden it is.


Erika De Paz