The first time I put a self tanner on I ended up looking like … a clown. It takes art to put self-tanner. When I can not sunbathe sometimes I opt for looking tanned using one I get in a natural market.

5 Tips for applying self-tanner correctly

To apply it I give you some tips here:

  1. Use the dryer. It will dry faster.
  2. Are there any little spots left for not having applied the self-tanner well? Grab some dark loose powder and with a brush even it on your skin.
  3. If you don’t dare to applying the tanner yourself, go to a BEAUTY SALON and problem solved.
  4. If you want to darken lip mucosa or areola of the nipples, apply the self-tanner in that area. It’s okay.
  5. If you want to remove it, moisten a cotton ball up with sesame seed or avocado oil or with whatever you have at hand. Rub it on your skin and it gets removed.

So, this is a great option if you want to look beautiful and with a radiant skin, specially if you have sensitive skin that gets damaged easily with the sun, remember to always use natural products that will protect and not harm your skin.