Researchers found that the quality of air inside U.S. homes may be worse than outdoor air. What could be causing this problem? To begin, we are using more and more products, appliances and accessories in our homes that cause a variety of allergic reactions.

In addition, new homes are being built and remodeled tighter to prevent heat loss and air conditioning, so that the flow of air into and out of new homes is very limited.

The law Congress passed the “Clean Air Act” to help improve the air we breathe outdoors.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA for its acronym in English) recently released new standards for outdoor air quality will benefit approximately 125 million Americans, including 35 million children.

Why your home is sick

1. Air conditioner: If the air outside your home is good quality, cross ventilation through doors and windows can be a good way to ventilate the house. You can use filter screens, filter fans or to prevent the passage of polen.Use purifiers or air cleaners if the air is not good. These filter devices work removing dust particles, pet allergens, odors and smoke

Environmental Illness In Your Home2. Asbestos Roofing: Asbestos is not a problem if is in good condition. It is recommended to cover the material. If the roof is broken, you may inhale asbestos particles.These particles lodge in the lungs and may increase the risk of cáncer. When we bought our first apartment I noticed that the roof was corrugated, it had a different texture.

I asked the realtor and he said , all the houses and apartments in Florida that were build during the 80’s have this king of roof. If I wanted to remove it I had to ask permission from the city, the building, neighbors and all the heavenly court. I decided not to, and how I regret it.

3. Rugs: It is important to use a durable coating, easy to clean rug. I prefer wood flooring, ceramic or marble. You can find now organic flax, which can be used instead of carpet, rugs made of natural and untreated cotton or wool. Must take into account that most carpets have been treated with chemicals including fire retardants, fungicides and pesticides.the carpets “scatter” add heat the room.

Keep the house clean is a priority above all traffic areas to achieve a reduction of soil pollution, dust and pollen.

4. Mold: These microscopic organisms are fungi that grow on organic matter and can trigger asthma attacks, lung diseases, among others, in children and adults. When these organisms grow and are large enough, are visible. They reproduce by spores that travel long distances.

They can be found in dark, humid and warm, they need moisture to live.Basements, bathrooms, tree bark, fallen leaves, and poorly ventilated spaces are your favorite places.

5. Pesticides: if it kills a bug, don’t you think that can kill you? Sure, but slowly.

6. Air Fresheners: if they kill odors, they can kill you too.