I assure you that after reading this article, if you have children, you would like to wait for a while before they cut the umbilical cord after labor. It is amazing what a few minutes can do on your baby!

When a baby is born, the umbilical cord continues to feed the baby even minutes after labor. This is why it is worth it to wait a little and not cutting the umbilical cord immediately. If you are pregnant it is important that you get advice from experts and take control over your childbirth with this information.

The umbilical cord should be cut after 2 or 3 minutes after the baby is born, as long as it continues nourishing the baby. A bluish umbilical cord means that it is passing blood on which means more iron, hemoglobin, and antioxidants for the baby. Besides, this could reduce mother’s postpartum pelvic area inflammation.

It is a scientific fact!

There have been several studies where it was proved that children whose umbilical cords were cut minutes after they were born have a better neurological and cognitive development throughout their lives. The study took place on Sweden with 382 children (born with this characteristic), They were monitored for 4 years to see if the effect was lasted. 263 children still had a high IQ, better motor skills, a head for solving conflicts, and superior behaviors compared to those of other children of the same age

Why does this happen?

Those minutes after labor are crucial for the baby to finish absorbing all the essential nutrients like iron which is contained in the baby’s placenta. Additionally it can help prevent anemia within the first year and it is useful for a proper brain development.

Risks are incredibly low after 3 minutes

However, if the umbilical cord is cut after 3 minutes, the risk of suffering from jaundice increases dangerously. The umbilical cord could be cut when it turns white, which would mean that it stopped passing nutrients on from the placenta.