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Let’s face it: there isn’t anybody on this earth who hasn’t been touched by cancer.  It’s at this time that most people seek guidance to help guard against these perils and secure their well-being.

Being the support of someone who has cancer is something that most of us will face at least once in our lives.

Receiving cancer support is vital for the person going through a diagnosis. A person facing a cancer diagnosis is going through one of the scariest experiences of their life. They may feel vulnerable and just need a moment to process what is going on.

Because of Breast Cancer, I’ve experienced the loss of two important women in my life. I remember I  was just starting this blog, doing research to see if I could help them somehow with natural remedies. They described cancer as a ‘cut in their lives‘ that they had to deal with. They were strong, amazing women…

Wish I had the opportunity to tell them about  Akesis Life Integrative Oncology

“At Akesis Life, we teach people how to stop making cancer, we eliminate existing cancer cells without harming the body, and we enhance the immune system so that people can live long healthful lives. We rely on science, not chemo.


They specialize in healing cancer without having to use chemotherapy. They use cutting-edge cancer treatments that are effective and science-based. People travel to them from all over the world and stay for many weeks to experience a comprehensive cancer program.

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“Health is our greatest treasure; It must be guarded more preciously than gold”. Dr. Thomas Lodi pioneered what has now become the definitive route for those unsatisfied with the modern cancer treatment system.

Difference Between Conventional Treatments vs. The Integrative Oncology Approach to Treating Cancer

The tragedy of conventional cancer treatments is the degree of suffering that the patient must endure in order to “kill” the cancer cells. Whilst this may be achieved, the collateral damage to the body and the immune system creates a perfect environment for it to return.

You are probably familiar with the various methods used, but in generalized terms, we refer to it as:

  • Cut – Surgery
  • Poison – High dose chemotherapy
  • Burn – Radiotherapy

In addition to damaging cancer cells, this approach causes total destruction to the healthy cells (non-cancerous), healthy tissues, and organs of the body so that normal bodily functions are compromised and quality of life is lost.

“We enhance the patient’s own ability to heal with a multi-tiered approach that rebuilds health, immunity, and awareness. Our mission is that you not only leave us cancer-free but with an enhanced quality of life”

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