Technological advances do not have to be against nature. Meet permaculture, a vision that promises to bring us closer to the environment and care for our planet.

Have you ever heard of permaculture?

To explain in detail which is the permaculture, we would have to say that “permaculture” is a word that was originally coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the middle of the ’70s and served to describe an integrated system and evolving perennials or perpetuating and useful animal species to humans.

In addition it is also a movement that allows us to use the principles of ecology, so that “affect” in the design of what surrounds us, and so get an ecological gardening and sustainable agriculture, which buildings are energy efficient or Ecovillage as such, so that we can evolve our society towards a sustainable future are developed.

Do you know any in your area?

We can say that at present, the practice of permaculture is understood as a field, whose design has been made imitating the patterns and relationships found in nature, and that in turn provides food, fiber and energy in abundance to provide local needs and the human being.