Many people hate broccoli. Perhaps mothers are to blame: for years they have forced their kids to consume it. Unfortunately, the repulsion toward this plant has only prevented many of us from benefiting from their unique properties, such that lurk behind every “tree”.

We all know that broccoli has minerals and vitamins, but did you know that it is considered the most nutritious plant per unit weight? It is rich in vitamin A, which helps to strengthen our immune system; and vitamin C, which makes it a natural flu. It also contains calcium and magnesium, important in regulating sleep and avoid insomnia.

Its high antioxidant power allows our skin and nails look beautiful, and stops hair loss. For its high fiber content it is a great option for those suffering from constipation, and its diuretic properties are great for those who want to lower.

As if this were not enough, it has been clinically proven that their use is beneficial for the protection of degenerative diseases such as cancer; while it is preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke. This vegetable also combats osteoporosis, and could help eliminate the damage caused by diabetes.

What are you waiting for? Put a few stems in a microwave, a handful of broccoli stir-fry in a wok, or just cook steamed. I promise you won’t ever want to exclude them from most of your meals.

Erika De Paz S.

Instagram: @ErikaDPS