Did you know that your nails talk? Scaly, weak, broken or blotchy… Your nails may be talking about what is going on in your body! If this presents a problem for you, then read this article and find out what your nails talk about your health.

If you have brittle and parched nails

Nothing frustrates a woman’s more than a broken fingernail. That effort you made to wait for them to grow and it just vanished in a single “puff”. Brittle nails may get are warning that your body needs vitamins or a balanced diet.

Vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc are responsible for maintaining strong nails is why you must be alert to this signal and take vitamins which you need when your nails talk, you should listen.

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If your nails have scales

Your nails may have layers like the scales of a fish. They are slowly chipping and deteriorate your health and appearance. This is a sign of dehydration, stress, lack of rest and a possible thyroid disorder. Don’t pull the scales from your nails, you will weaken them more. Click here for a natural remedy for scaly nails.

If you have spots on your fingernails

Those white spots that are in the middle or lower part of your nail is usually a symptom of a lack of vitamin A, excess calcium or a stroke that has marked it. However, if the stain is yellow it can be a fungus.

If you have concave or curved nails

This may be a lack of oxygen in your fingers, and consistent in your nails. Your body is not getting enough oxygen, and may be due to cardiovascular disease or lack of exercise. Note: These type of nails are rare and require a doctor’s visit.