Broccoli benefits that will make you eat it right away



Since I was little girl I've eaten broccoli. My parents used to call them little trees and they accompany my meals since my childhood. This plant has many health benefits whether we eat it raw, steamed or boiled.

Broccoli benefits that will make you eat it right away

For its high content of vitamin A, C and D, amino acids, zinc and potassium, broccoli helps prevent cancer (breast, uterus, prostate, liver, colon, kidneys and intestines). It has antioxidant properties that purify and eliminate toxins and free radicals.

Broccoli helps to keep the skin soft and shiny because it contains vitamin E, B, A and K, fatty acids and omega-3. The latter component helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. With its content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, broccoli keeps bones healthy and strong, so their intake during childhood is so important.

As if that weren't enough, broccoli contains beta carotene, which together with vitamin A, makes it perfect for eye care, also strengthening the immune system.

Let's eat more broccoli!

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