Perhaps you are someone who faithfully believe in that trite and popular phrase: “you are what you eat”.So, you are careful with everything you put in your mouth, you’d be able to take in one of those phosphorescent jelly beans.

Certainly, good nutrition is beneficial to the body; however, cross the thin line between healthy and feed us make this our only priority can be easy and dangerous: we can be suffering from orthorexia.

Orthorexia a healthily dangerous obsession

This eating disorder, discovered by Steven Bratman in 1997, discusses the obsession individuals have of eating healthy foods. It differs from anorexia and bulimia in the fact that, for ortoréxicos is not relevant how much food, but their quality and origin.

Those who suffer from this disorder, I spend many hours of their days planning their meals, and are able to travel long distances to get food they want.

The regime they imposed is sacred as the Bible, never disrespect it. It can affect anyone, but the most vulnerable are obsessive compulsive individuals, people with excessive concern for physical appearance, athletes and those who have suffered from anorexia nervosa.

This obsession with eating only natural foods, free of pesticides, and exclude sugar, fats and meats, greatly alters the lives of these people: they can not only get to suffer lack of vitamins but be affected psychologically, to the point from isolated, avoiding outlets where they can not control what they will consume.

We know that healthy food is a determining factor for health. But when we become obsessional, we jeopardize our quality of life.

Extremes are never good, even in these habits that seem extremely healthy. The key is moderation.

Erika De Paz