Weekend’s here again, and of course you use this time to go shopping for groceries with your Family.

I made a soap opera which acted as a Fisherman’s Wife. It was beautiful and since I’m an dedicated actress , I went to a fish market to learn how to grav the fish and I learned some
good tricks.

(Yes the one in the picture is Me and my Fish)

I want to give several tips when buying fish that you should take in to consideration to avoid risk of food poisoning.

10 Tips to buy fish the healthy and smart way

  1. Make sure that the fish is covered with plenty of ice since the moment you buy it untill you get home that way you don’t take the risk of contamination. Buy a special bag to keep it cold.
  2. Check that the skin is firm to the touch and that doesn’t give when you press it, if you have watery texture is not good.
  3. Make sure that the eyes are bright.
  4. Check up the red gills are well … if you cannot find them. Ask the fishmonger that you teach them.
  5. Make sure it smells good. If you are not able to smell it, you won’t be able to eat it.
  6. If the fish is packaged, check the date of issue
  7. Check that packaging is not broken or dented
  8. Wash and store in refrigerator until ready to prepare. Do not leave it more than a week because it loses flavor.
  9. Once thawed should not be refrozen.
  10. Do not keep it frozen for more than a month.