With imagery of hours spent bending over dusting and vacuuming and getting rid of old clothes, having to drive down to Goodwill to get rid of everything, it’s hard not to dread the spring clean you know your home needs. Why, though, do so many people commit to this process at least once every year?

The benefits, as it can be seen, are far-reaching and one good deep clean can enhance the day-to-day living of residents throughout the year. Getting rid of the mess can be therapeutic and meditative. It can also improve health by getting rid of any residual dust and mold that has collected over the course of the year. In addition to this, the act of donating clothing and other items one no longer needs can be a soul-enriching charitable deed.
  1. De-clutter De-stress
While doing a spring clean itself seems like a stressful activity, taking some time to tidy the space you live in every day is a kind act of self-care that will allow for a stress-free feeling when you wake up to an organized, junk-free zone every morning. Cleaning itself can also be deeply meditative. Menial and repetitive tasks like vacuuming and dusting are times where the mind can be left to wander and daydream.
An annual spring clean is a great opportunity not only to cleanse the space but also to cleanse and de-clutter your mind as well. It can be difficult to cart away bins of trash, junk, or clothes, as they are heavy and cumbersome, which is why many recommend utilizing bags or bins to get the rubbish removed.
Carting away bins of junk is wildly satisfying and allow one to appreciate more deeply the items they have chosen to keep. Peering into a de-cluttered, organized closet space is a huge de-stressor. Picking out an outfit in the morning before work or at night before going out with friends is a much easier, more fun, less stressful event when the living space is clean and organized.
  1. Allergy Symptom Reduction
spring clean
Even with monthly, weekly, or even daily cleaning, a living space accumulates massive amounts dust, dirt, and worst of all, mold. A big deep yearly spring clean allows for a totally fresh start. Many find that after a big spring-cleaning, their allergy symptoms reduce drastically. This is remarkable, that one big clean is all it takes to relieve unpleasant and troubling daily symptoms like sneezing, nose blowing, and itchy eyes.
Alleviating bothersome allergy symptoms is merely one of the many benefits that come with a good annual spring-cleaning. Personal health has a large effect on day-to-day stress. Keeping a clean and healthy living space is a great way to improve daily life without needing to expend too much effort. Those with significant allergies should make sure to wear a surgical mask to protect their lungs and sinuses from dust that they may kick up while cleaning!
  1. Charitable Deeds
Beyond the self-help qualities of a good spring clean, there are charitable benefits as well. Reaching into the depths of one’s cluttered closet and ridding it of unworn or unused clothing items is a great way to help others and help oneself at the same time. Many individuals admit owning more clothes than they wear, and may even admit that some of these unworn items are brand new, sometimes with the tag still on. While it may serve to wait until the style comes back in, or to wait until you drop a few sizes, the best option might just be to donate this item.
Donating to a local homeless shelter or goodwill is a wonderful way to give back to the local community while also helping yourself to de-clutter your life and live happier and healthier.

Charitable acts are a great way to brighten your own day by remembering all the things you are grateful for, and by repurposing items that may have had value to you once but would now be of more value to someone else.