You know that I love performing and that theatre is one of my many passions, so today I want to show my appreciation to the scenic arts!

World Theatre Day has been around since 1961. It is celebrated every year on March 27th by theatre professionals, theatre lovers, theatre universities, academies and schools with several activities, events and -of course- plays!

laura termini chicanol teatro

Everyear the International Theatre Institute invites a world-renowed figure to craft a speech for a worldwide audience to celebrate World Theatre Day . This year, they selected five: one from each of the five UNESCO Regions: Africa, the Americas, Arab Countries, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Sabina Berman, a succesful writer, playwright and journalist from Mexico City was selected to represent the Americas. This is a fragment of her emotive message for 2018´s World Theatre Day

(…) Let us remove everything superfluous from the theatre. Let us strip it naked. Because the simpler theatre is, the more apt it is to remind us of the only undeniable thing: that we are, while we are in time; that we are only while we are flesh and bone and hearts beating in our breasts; that we are the here and now, and no more. Long live the theatre. The most ancient art. The art of being in the present. The most wondrous art. Long live the theatre.”

So, how can you celebrate? Easy! Support your local theatre. Indulge in some amazing shows with your loved ones and spread the message of culture with the hashtag #WorldTheatreDay

Here´s a little throwback to the one-person show I did last year. I had the best time of my life expressing my feelings on stage, after all thats what theater is all about! Forever Talla 2. Enjoy!