Need an excuse to have sex? I know, everyone loves sex, but you’re going to love it even more after what I’m going to tell you.

Well, it turns out that having sex could be just the remedy for a good night’s rest, even better than any other natural remedy, why? first of all, an orgasm can relieve stress and help you relax, it’ll put you in a calmer state to help you fall asleep faster, also you’ll be able to sleep soundly well through the night.


But hey this is not just me saying it, there’s a science to back it up, everything has to do with hormone production during intercourse because in the case of women it helps to increases estrogen levels, which in turn can increase REM sleep, which it leads to a more sound and deeper level of sleep so is enough to start counting sheep at night.

Sleepedia recommends having a good mattress to enjoy sex

If you are the lucky ones, achieving orgasms facilitates the production of oxytocin in the pituitary gland, which helps partner bonding and it decreases the production of cortisol which induces stress.

These hormonal changes can leave your body in a relaxed state, making you fall asleep faster than you normally would.

So now you know, if you’re finding it hard to have a good night, get in the mood, and spend some quality time with your partner, remember, not sleeping before sleeping is what you need. Now, go have sex and have sweet dreams (after!)