When I investigate sexuality I realized that almost all the answers are within us, the problem is that many times we don´t know how to ask questions to our own body.

These are some important points when it comes to the female orgasm:

  • Foreplay is always important since it allows us to build up sexual energy.
  • A lot of women have never experienced an orgasm from sex (and that’s okay!).
  • There are a few women who can achieve orgasms just by thinking or imagining erotic images.
  • The female prostate does exist (and it is an erogenous zone!).

Secrets of the female orgasm

You can achieve orgasm not only from “regular” coitus (and what IS regular? tbh). In fact, there are several varieties of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, cervical, anal, g-spot, prostate, ejaculatory, multiple, etc… They all can be achieved in different ways.

If you want to learn more about achieving female orgasms (or giving them), the School of Squirt has some incredible tips!

Remember: “Sex is about more than just physical stimulation. It is about emotion.

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