Let me give you the secret of eternal youth … I think not. But I can give you many tips you can apply daily for years do not fall over.

Who said age is bad? Have you ever lied when asked about it? I’ve done it too, so don’t worry, we all lie, while men feel wonderful with the numbers, women seem to outrun the calendar.

5 Anti-Aging secrets

1. Self-esteem: You can not buy it at the pharmacy, but it is the best anti-aging. Deepack Chopra gives us a mantra that we can repeat every night in our bed.

“I have a biological age of ___ years. Every cell in my body is healthy. I look and feel of __ years.”

Put an age where you felt more comfortable and you looked fabulous.

2. Vitamins for beauty: You should have more B vitamin for your hair and nails, It will make you feel a lot younger.

3. Hydration & protection. Use a daily moisturizer that contains 25 + protection, so as to maintain the integrity of the collagen fibers and elastin.

4. Beauty Habits: This is something very important for aging well, take care and protect your skin! Take advantage of it, do not neglect your image and care for you, enjoy your femininity, fix what you can and learn to enjoy and benefit from the rest.

5. Detox, Detox, Detox: Detox your body regularly, two or three times a year, is good forthe blood and liver. Here in my blog there are many articles about it.