Our skin suffers greatly with time, weather and other factors that often we don’t even take into account.

Today I show you 5 enemies that make your skin not look beautiful anymore and of course I give you some tips to defend yourself against this enemies.

5 Enemies of your skin you have to be careful with

  1. Stress: It destroys the collagen and the skin loses its youth.
  2. Smoking and drinking: The snuff causes premature wrinkles. A glass of wine is healthy but more than this (often) causes inflammation in the skin and pores.
  3. Lack of moisture: Skin should be moist to always being regenerated. Oily skin in hot climates may not need it but in cold, dry weather all skins require a daily moisturizer.
  4. The lack of fat and nutrients: Missing nutrients, the skin loses color and freshness.
  5. The sun is responsible for the most damage to the skin caused by the environment. It is important to use sunscreen every day to stay young and prevent stains.

So, these are the enemies of your skin that you have to really be careful with, it’s better to be on the safe side and always protect your skin no matter what. Remember that health is beauty.