What you’re about to read will sure it sounds crazy … But could cannabis be the basis for the cure of Premenstrual Syndrome? Does that mean that marijuana helps us to endure the symptoms?

The news may sound alarming, and you’ve probably never thought would test this method, but this event did not come from a spontaneous experimental phase, but as part of a study by universities in Colorado and California. But keep calmed … we are not talking about using the drug orally! We’re talking about the possible cure for premenstrual syndrome.

Is cannabis the cure for Premenstrual Syndrome?

It turns out that after a series of investigations, a vaginal suppository of cannabis has been created that can help control menstrual cramps in women who have them.

The suppository is completely natural made with just 3 ingredients: organic cocoa butter, asilar CDB (cannabis with psychoactive bits) and CO2 extracted from the organic cannabis.

World has recognized the cannabis for their relaxing and soothing plant, and the test has been applied to patients with amenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome. Suppositories are designed to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, regulate and control the worst cramps of menstrual syndrome symptoms, which are the colic. And they already exist in some part of the States such as Colorado and California!