Anxiety attacks whenever we have worries or stress  before an event or at the time of leisure where our head flies to the corners of our fears. Have you ever felt restless and eager to eat the whole fridge? This is a way to put a stop, and balance with these remedies to reduce anxiety.

Before anything you have to consider that anxiety is 100% controllable and shouldn’t “blame” your anxiety for those little meals you give yourself out of the diet. (it’s happened to me haha) Apply any of these ideas and remedies to reduce anxiety and relax.

5 remedies to reduce anxiety

  • Get a hot bath: this is relaxing and enjoyable. For a more calming effect you can try some bath salts, lavender baths and baths. Take the opportunity to give yourself a massage with oils after bathing. Aromatherapy helps reduce stress and promotes mental balance.
  • Take valerian: This plant is great to relax and reduce anxiety / stress. It is also excellent for sleep and relieve insomnia. here are thousands of places that sell natural valerian drops and organic. (Read more about valerian here)
  • Lean on foods with vitamin B and magnesium: people who are deficient in these vitamins are more likely to suffer from anxiety. You can find these supplements in pill or natural foods rich in these nutrients. What you need is to incorporate them into your diet.
  • Eat onion and celery: These vegetables contain a phytonutrient that reduces stress. Phenolic compounds onion relieve anxiety. So incorporate these foods into your daily diet can help you overcome anxiety.
  • Omega-3 is your best friend: People with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder should eat many foods full of omega 3 because it is a natural treatment to reduce long-term anxiety. (Read more about Omega-3)


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