“I love you so much that hurts!” Have you ever felt like that? I have. One of the hardest things in life is having friends, true friends, those who are there for you in good and bad times, that, for whatever reasons, came into our lives for empathy and we value their presence, but just as a song says “there are loves that kill“. These people are toxic for you!

Psychologists define toxic people as “one who wears out the interpersonal relationship, intimidates, objectifies the other, blames and rejects”.

Of course these people don’t come into our lives with this attitude, otherwise they wouldn’t become our friends, I don’t think they’re aware that their behavior hurts others, but under the mask of friendship are usually harmful, toxic and energy sucker people.

1. She needs you for absolutely everything : while a friend who depends on you doesn’t seem like cause for concern, too much neediness can exhaust you and use up one of your most important resources: time. You are busy…let her know that.

2. She jumps back and forth between great and awful: it can make you anxious, nervous, or depressed when you don’t know what to expect from a friend whom you’re supposed to rely on.

3You’re constantly critical: you don’t like her or his life choices.

4. They’re tweeting about how bored they are but they never send you a text: you are not their priority

5. You don’t feel the connection: every relationship starts with feeling great when you are with each other. Are you feeling great lately?

In some cases are complaining, aggressive, inflict guilt, envious and others are like an authoritarian leader who can’t manage employees and need to instill fear, in either case we must counteract by stop feeding what leads to their motivation to harm us, try to involve them as little as possible in your life and getting them gently away without creating problems, because they tend to make themselves the victim and involve us in a veil of negativity that may truncate our personal processes. No one is good enough to make you feel bad!