I have dedicated many posts to delicious healthy recipes, especially for those who want to maintain their figure without breaking the diet. But to cook healthy food, you must have a “healthy kitchen”. That is why today I recommend 5 Things that are a must in a fit kitchen.

Ovens, pans and refrigerator … This is typical of what you find in a kitchen, especially because without them we simply can not cook. But do you really know what other devices are completely necessary to keep fit our diet? The appliances have the facility that we reduce time in the kitchen, and make the effort to concentrate on thinking up new delicious and healthy recipes.

5 Things that are a must in a fit kitchen

Maybe these appliances are not essential to eat well, but certainly make the process much easier and dynamic.

  1. The blender: Fanatics of smoothies! This can not miss in your home. The blender is the most useful tool for making soups, puree, smoothies, juices, etc. Especially when you have healthy juices recipes like these.
  2. A food processor: There is nothing easier to cut or scratch your food that this device. Especially when batch and let cook homemade food list for the week, this food processor becomes a great relief. Are you going to prepare hummus? You need this tool.
  3. A food weight: Maybe you already have, but this is one of the most important tools for people fit. Most people underestimate the size of the portions, so you end up eating more. This is a better way to control the amount of food you eat. The scale will become your best friend! Especially to prepare detailed recipes where the quantities add or subtract calories.
  4. A grain mill: Perfect for preparing your own flours, made with organic grains. When you keep grinding grain germ intact, which preserves its properties. These mills are used a lot to make meals at home like oatmeal or cornmeal. (A juicer also works)
  5. A spiral cutter for vegetables: With this you can make zucchini pasta, squash, pumpkin and more. This cutter is incredibly comfortable and easy to use. And it is an excellent tool for vegans.