Summer’s here! And with this season of heat and humidity comes the beach and pool season as everyone’s favorite plan. It’s a fact of life that if you like to swim, and love being on the water, you know that your whole body will benefit, but not your hair.

People doing swimming as a sports routine know what I’m talking about. The pool is a great place to enjoy sports, and cool… But chlorine is a factor we cannot ignore so easily! We love and we hate to chlorine water.

You just need a couple of days in the pool to feel your skin irritated, your nails brittle and your hair completely dry and damaged. How awful!

Although chlorine is something that disinfects body and regulates our pH levels, both chlorine and chemicals in the pool can generate discomfort in the swimmer.

Although swimming is still one of the best sports, you should consider the care of our body to keep our skin and hair as healthy and strong as possible.

4 Easy Steps to protect your hair from chlorine

Takes note of these 4 simple steps to protect your hair from chlorine

  1. Take a shower before going to swim: Let your hair absorb clean water before setting foot in the pool. This creates a natural barrier between your hair strands and water filled with chlorine.
  2. The swimming cap is your best friend: Whether we like it or not, swim caps provide a physical barrier to chlorine. Caps silicone, latex or related are an excellent choice to protect your hair from a chlorinated pool.
  3. Wash your hair right out of the pool: ¡It is the first thing you should do! Leaving the pool looks straight to the changing and rinse all of your hair, you can use moisturizing shampoos to give strength back to your hair. Tightens all strands and massage your scalp.
  4. Don’t skip the conditioner: choose those with aloe vera to counteract irritation, have vitamin B, they strengthen the strands and give a much healthier hair appearance. You can also use coconut oil and natural cocoa butter.

NOTE: protects your hair gently. Combing the bottom up, being slow and patient to untangle the knots. Do not dry your hair too tightly, or wrapping your hair in a towel (this may break more your hair).