The Super Bowl brings the excitement, the union of an entire nation and the world in a single match. Fans crowd into the stadium, others to televisions and computers to witness one of the biggest sporting events of the year. What is most important for a football player? Obviously the answer is to WIN. And to be champions you have to follow a rule only: Train hard and give your best.

Now I’m curious to think what would be the type of training that these elite athletes make to expose their bodies to master moves of speed and strength. Curiosity led to an investigation, and the investigation led to the application of these things to everyday life. If I wanted to train as coaches train a football player, the exercises that I put below are those I need to make.

Would you like to be as strong as a football player? Check these exercises out:

NOTE: You only need a sandbag, or alternatively some weights.

Charge the sack

To build muscle and strength, you use more than a sack of sand 5kg weight (players use up to 25 kg sacks)Lift it off the ground with your back straight and making the effort on your legs, not your back. Take the bag on both sides and with one movement stand up lifting the bag into the left shoulder as you straighten your legs. Throw the bag with your arms.

Series: 6 reps with the left shoulder and 6 on the right. Rest 3 minutes and make the circuit 3 times.

Walk with sack (punching/sand bag)

If you want to keep doing exercises to tone the bag, then try this exercise that challenges your strength and endurance walking. You just surround the punching bag with your arms and walk maintaining remain erect posture, firm abs, chest out and shoulders back.

Series: Walk 30 seconds, rest for a minute and re-run 5 times.

Flexed paddle position

Take advantage of that and have the sack of sand, place the bag in front of you and keep your legs bent. Bend forward so that your throne is parallel to the ground, shoulders aligned on the sandbag. Without moving the trunk, grab the bag and take it to the chest with both hands. Count to 5 and then lower it slowly

Series: 8 repetitions, resting 2 minutes, repeated 3 times and the circuit.

Squat lifts

We will do the typical squats. Stand embracing the sandbag near the chest with arms. Takes a big step forward with your right leg, so that the left remains taut and perpendicular to the floor. Go back and do it with the other leg.

Series: Repeat 5 times with each leg, alternating with walking exercise.