Dog owners everywhere know how important it is for our little (or big) furry friends to exercise daily. It’s good for their joints, their happiness, and their overall health, physical and mental.

But, what about you? Have you thought about how exercising with your dog can help you? No need to buy an expensive gym membership when the biggest motivator is living with you!

Not quite convinced? Well, buckle up with me, we’re going on a wild (but not too wild) ride! Here are 7 benefits (which means, reasons) of exercising regularly with your four-legged best friend

1.    Nothing motivates you more than a dog

Whether your dog is a Corgi or a Labrabull, he’s before everything a friendly animal who wants nothing more than run around and enjoy good weather. That, in itself, is a great motivator for you, as your dog would never cancel a gym session on you (unlike your coworker Dave, who always cancels on you last minute because he just had pizza and would probably throw up while running).

Research has also shown that when you know that walking and running is good for your dog, you become more motivated to do that. Not only for your own health, but also for your friend’s wellbeing! So, grab those running shoes, dust them off, and go for a nice run with your dog!

2.    Fresh air is good for you and your dog

Sure, working out in an air-conditioned room always feels good when it’s too hot outside. But, do you know what’s even better? Fresh air! A nice walk or run during the early hours of the morning with your dog will benefit both of you. Spend a weekend outside with your pet throwing frisbees and you will definitely feel the difference! And bonus? Fresh air is a great cure for physical pain, stress, and anxiety in both humans and animals, so that doesn’t hurt either!

3.    It’s great for your dog’s mental health

A lot of people forget that pets can feel distressed too. We worry too much about their physical health and too little about their mental state. Exercise is the perfect way to make sure your dog is happy. It is quite known that under-stimulated dogs (which means dogs that don’t get their daily walk/jog) are more likely to be anxious and respond with behaviors such as being destructive or barking a lot. So, do yourself and your dog a favor and go out for a daily jog. Believe us, you’ll thank us for this later!

4.    It won’t feel like a workout

You know that feeling when you’re in a gym, sweating your face off, and you think “I’d rather be somewhere else right now”? Well, you wouldn’t feel it if you were outside, working out with your dog. Playing catch with your pet definitely feels better than thirty minutes of torture on a treadmill, which is yet another reason to work out with your furry best friend!

5.    You’re going to burn a lot of calories

…without giving it too much though! You see, when you’re outside with your dog, biking, running, or playing catch, you don’t think about how tired you are. You’re having way too much fun for that, and the minutes easily turn into hours, which turn into hundred of burnt calories! But not just for you! Dogs tend to end food with a high-calorie intake (because of the amount of protein in it), which means that they need to metabolize it, and what’s better to do that than a good workout?


6.    You and your dog are going to be healthier

Working out with your dog is not only a great way to create bonds with him, it’s also the perfect healthy lifestyle tip. Aerobic exercises are good for your lungs, your heart, and your muscles, as well as your dog’s. It also promotes weight control for both of you, so what is there to hate, am I right?

7.    Finally, it strengthens your bond with your dog

What’s a better way to bond with your best friend than to spend quality time with him? It is known that dogs love spending time with their owners. So, working out together is one of the easy ways you can give your dog his daily dose of human love.

In the end…

We know that working out isn’t the most fun activity (unless you’re one of those fitness freaks, then, my bad), but, it can be enjoyable if you add a dog to it (like everything else in life!)