Beauty marks, freckles, birthmarks. Absolutely all of us have these on our bodies, either because of sun exposition, hyper pigmentation or just heritage. What do beauty marks on your face mean?

Beauty marks are growings on the skin which are produced when melanocytes grow in excess (cells that pigment our skin). Each person should have from 10 to 40 different beauty marks approximately. Beauty marks can be located in any part of the body.

It is believed that beauty marks have a symbolism that goes beyond its biological creation.  The interpretation of these marks have been going on for thousands of years. It was believed that these marks would show the amount of lovers in your life.

East culture and tradition relates the place of the marks to the personality. Do you believe that? This is the meaning of the beauty marks on your face:

  • Dark marks represent the dichotomy of light and darkness, sun and moon, Yin and Yang.
  • Marks on the top part of your head might indicate strong bonds towards religion. If you have a beauty mark on this place it means you have a golden heart, you are helper, and you support right causes. You are homely, spiritual and quiet.
  • Marks close to the lips are on people who are ambitious, in the good sense. Besides, they are people full of passion, visible sensuality and a flirty attitude.
  • According to the chinese tradition, beauty marks on the lower part of the lips indicate a long and successful life.
  • A mark close to the mouth indicates that the person has a way with words, gets along with others, and achieves their objectives.

Do you think it is true? Which is your favorite beauty mark?