When you are constipated and have some days without going to the bathroom, the best thing to do is to check natural options that allow you to clean your bowels. Try this natural homemade laxative.

Papaya? It is a valid option before trying this laxative. Even so, before taking drugs that could harm your body, try this remedy that will depurate your bowels, will provide you with nutrients that are essential for our bodies and will strengthen you immune system.

Why are you constipated?

There could be several reasons: you aren’t eating enough fiber, you’re a couch potato, you don’t drink water, or you are stressed.

If you want to help your body go to the bathroom, try this natural homemade laxative. This will speed up your bowels’ activity without hurting you. The best part of it? It is also an effective remedy to fight fluid retention and will help you reduce inflammation.


  • 150gr of dates
  • 150gr of prunes
  • 1 liter of  filtered water


Wash the prunes carefully. Pour the water in a saucepan and boil it. Cut the dates and prunes into small pieces and add them to the water. Cook at low fire until you get a sort of jam. Put in the fridge and eat it whenever it be necessary.

How to consume it?

Dilute a spoon of this laxative in a glass of water, drink it fast. Repeat it too an hour after lunch.

With this you will be adding fiber and sorbitol, these components will soften what is inside you and will help you go to the bathroom. Don’t consume it more than three days in a row.

Laxatives don’t work to depurate the body, but as a specific way to clean your bowels providing that you are constipated. If you want a body free from toxins, try a depurative diet.