Who doesn’t like green papaya? In my country it is called “lechosa” and you can make a sweet that is so simple and tasty that it made my mouth water. This tropical fruit of soft smell is pure health to our digestive system and for our skin. It can be consumed in juice, sweets, fruit salads, and with salt when they are unripe.

When unripe and made juice, it is ideal to deal with skin problems like: eczema, acne, ulcers, herpes,  fungus, it also helps cicatrize wounds and clean tattoos.

Anyway, I suggest you to be careful with this fruit when it is unripe, because its milk is so strong that it can irritate vision and can even make you blind, its high latex content can unleash allergies and abortions, that is why it has been forbidden for women who are pregnant. The ironic part is that when ripe it helps man’s fertility and it is a strong contraceptive for women.

As long as you know how to use it there won’t be any problem.

That very same latex taken from green papaya is widely commercialized in countries like Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Uganda to be made dust to elaborate medicines against gastric disorders and skin problems; soften meat, leather and wool; and in products to brighten beer.