The functions of natural astringents are to reduce inflammation and cicatrize skin so the pores stop being dirt and chemical receptors that we are exposed to. Try to use the natural ones so they are less aggressive and beautify our skin faster.

You can make this natural astringents back at home, and after that be sure to put on some moisturizing cream so your skin doesn’t suffer the corrosive effects of these kind of treatments.

Moisturizing creams could be made of homemade aloe vera, or any other you want to buy, if you are going to buy one be sure it is low fat to avoid your face look like a polished floor. We are looking for healthy and natural, that is why you need to choose carefully the products you use.

I recommend you these 3 natural astringents for your body:

  • Prepare an infusion of chamomile and yarrow, let it rest and apply it over your face and neck with a piece of cotton.
  • If you apply green tea (cold) on your face for ten minutes, you will see some magic.
  • Apply tomato pulp as a facial mask, massage it for 20 or 30 minutes at night.