If you hate the knotted hair just like me, follow these 8 amazing tips to prevent your hair from getting tangled. They are super easy and natural!

Brushing your hair constantly keeps it strong, shiny and beautiful. That is why you need to keep it knotted free, so you avoid pain when brushing, even more if you have thin hair.

Follow these 8 amazing tips to prevent your hair from getting tangled and stop worrying about knots:

  1. Wash your hair with cold water: It helps keep your hair free of knots and hair loss.
  2. Your best ally is argan oil: It keeps your hair moisturized, split ends free, shiny and it also helps avoid tangled hair. Use it twice a week.
  3. Dry your hair softly: no more spinning your hair or rubbing it against the towel… Watch how you dry it and make it gentle. To fasten your hair with a towel makes your hair weaker and likely to break.
  4. Keep it braided when going to bed: This will prevent you wake up with a lion’s mane, and will help you hair grow long faster.
  5. Have a brushing routine: Do it at least three times a day, in the morning, at noon, and at night. Start by the ends and go up step by step.
  6. Be friends with the hair conditioner: apply 3 times a week to moisturize and soften your hair. Remember you only have to apply from the half to the end.
  7. Use the right brush for your hair: You might not be the one you are using now. Try using brushes with natural bristle that improve circulation of your scalp, and help your hair from getting knotted.
  8. Cut it!: remember that you have to cut your hair every 3 months, at least to get rid of split ends. By doing this you reduce the risk of your hair getting tangled and it also revitalizes your hair.