You could say it was accidental. The high consumption and the love for garlic within the Orientals are well-known, but like everywhere in the world, they do not like the lingering smell.

Then, a researcher in Japan found a way to develop odorless garlic and among the many tests done, he put a whole head of garlic, with full coverage of shells, in a smoking process (with a certain type of wood from a Japanese tree) and fermentation, for a certain time at a certain temperature and humidity.

Black garlic, a superfood many haven’t heard of

After this period, the scientist noted that, besides the cloves taking a blackish tone, it also lost about 97% of the smell that it had. But when he analyzed it, he realized that the common components that constitute garlic, and of course its properties as well, had amazingly increased 10 times.

This was the beginning of a whole marketing process and is now widely known throughout Japan.


Why should we consume black garlic?

  • Helps the immune system that protects us from bacteria and viruses. It is also a super antioxidant; it slows the effects of aging.
  • Prevents and is very effective for diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.
  • Maintains good levels of blood pressure. It protects the liver and improves the activity of the prostate.
  • Helps in eliminating bad lipids and cholesterol.
  • It’s an energizer and a natural invigorating, good for asthma and respiratory problems.
  • Fights stress and depression; it’s a sedative for the nerves.
  • Helps in wound healing and in bone strength.
  • Its process is completely natural, with no added preservatives.
  • It keeps itself in good condition for a long period.