Extreme exhaustion, headaches and stress out of the working schedule is not that normal. You can be suffering from the Burnout syndrome without even knowing. Here I explain what it is about, how to identify it and to deal with it!

When you feel life is draining your energy without knowing why don’t worry… you might be showing the Burnout syndrome symptoms. What is it? Well it is simply the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that comes up after performing a task that has demanded tons of stress from our bodies.

When you have those excessive tasks at work, you haven’t sleep much or well and you have little time to hang out with friends, you might have this syndrome. It is manifested with tiredness and depression, bad mood, excessive frustration, etc. all this leads to a TOTAL exhaustion.

Obviously this is reflected, lack of productivity, low job performance, irritability, bad mood and headaches. It is like literally having the brain burnt for so much stress!

How to prevent it?

If you notice some symptoms before getting to the turning point, follow the next advice:

  • Administer  your job schedule. Work has its time! You need time for yourself, your hobbies, friends and body.
  • Rest at least 8 hours a day. Sleeping is incredibly important to keep your body rested and healthy.
  • Eat fruits that boost up your energy.
  • Snack nuts regularly to increase you omega 3, and other vitamins to keep your brain in constant activity.
  • Eat chocolate in small amounts to stimulate your mood in a positive way.
  • Reduce stress by doing any type of exercise: yoga, tennis, swimming, jogging…

Improve your everyday life with these little tips. And remember, next time you start to feel overwhelmed STOP! Take a break, take some time for yourself, cool off, and kiss Burnout syndrom good bye.