Beach? Pool? The Lake? Oh yeaaah! Anywhere is perfect to show our swimsuits in summer. The hot season makes us worry about what we’re wearing and sometimes how we’re going to look. But there are a lot of tips so you can look perfect and ready to go! Choose the best swimsuit to exalt your figure according to your body.

These tips will not only favour your figure, but also will make you way much more confident and happy with yourself. A good attitude is all we need to look beautiful! Check this out.

It doesn’t matter if you are curvy, slim or toned, or have big boobs. There is a swimsuit perfect for each body! Yet, be free to ignore these tips, because the important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing the swimsuit you want.

The best swimsuit to exalt your body

Pear body

You have tight shoulders and waist, and Big hips.

Bikini: Since you have big hips, the lower part of your bikini needs to be simple and cover the area. High waisted swimsuits are an excellent option. Make the top be striking to balance your body.

One piece: Take advantage of low neck cuts. Ruffles look great with this kind of clothing.


Hourglass Body

You have an Hourglass figure: big boobs, wasped waist and wide hips.

Bikini: The top must give you support and trust that everything is in its place. Halter bikinis or  spagetti straps are perfect for you! They don’t make you look overloaded.

One piece: All cuts look striking on your body, specially those that naturally emphasize your curves. The perfect décolletage is the sweetheart neckline which provides with support for your breast.


Apple Body

You have a big body, almost no waist and a raising belly.

Bikini: Have you ever tried the wonderful tankinis? This two-piece swimsuit is perfect to keep everything where it’s supposed to be.  Try too high-waisted bikinis. Super sexy!

One piece: Your legs are your charm! So this swimsuit does let your legs shine. The best swimsuits are the striped ones that make your belly look smaller and your waist look curvy.


Athletic, Toned Body

You have a wide back, strong thighs and narrow hips.

Bikini: The secret consist on making your body look more feminine, and you can totally achieve this with little details. You have a wide variety of tops to choose like the geometric cuts which are this year’s trend. Brazilian cuts are the best for the bottom.

One piece: Try wearing a crossback swimsuit or a one shoulder one to give you shape and curves. Choose swimsuits that highlight the parts of your body it should: hips, shoulders and breast.


Square shaped  or ruler Body

Shoulders and hips are even. You have almost no waist nor breast.

Bikini: You can wear everything! But it is better to choose one that provides some curves. Swimsuits with cups are a must-have, triangular tops are super girly. And for the bottom wear a tie-side.

One piece: Swimsuit that are quite opened will make you look hot, and you know that nor boobs or fat are going to pop out. Show some skin! Try wearing some bold swimsuits.