Do you remember that new year’s resolution you did months ago? Well, you are still on time to start losing weight and start living a healthier life. Today I want to share 2 fruit teas to lose weight that I know will help you reach your goal. You can do it!


Peach tea

Two daily cups in fasting are excellent to deeply hydrate the skin and rebuild tissue, provided that peach’s enzymes are ideal to carry out this task.

To make the brew you only need to put a washed and cut peach in water, and let it boil for 1 minute. Drink it warm.

Melon tea

Refreshing and diuretic, a brew made of this fruit speeds up metabolism functions, working along with the weight lose. The best thing you can do is drinking 2 cups in fasting or drink a juice (Melon) immediately after waking up.

To make this tea, all you need is to wash, cut and cube a quarter of melon. Once water has boiled, turn it off, let it cool for a while and drink it.

You can still achieve your goal!  As soon as you start everything will be way much easier! Are you losing those pounds already? 🙂