So typical, you’ve been going on a diet for a while (like forever), working out and no matter what you do you can’t lose more weight or just got stuck… We feel you, it is frustrating! Sometimes you feel like giving up on your diet and your effort… Don’t do it! Perhaps you are making a couple of mistakes that you can totally work out so you can reach goals

It is important for you to know that these things are quite common, and sometimes your body simply stops burning fat regardless your effort. If you go over your diet you might notice a few things you do, most of the time unconsciously that kill all your sacrifices and leave you physically and mentally tired.

Check this tips out and find out if you are making any of these mistakes that keep you from burning fat

1) You are eating much more due to your hard training

Whenever you do tons of exercises you reward yourself by eating a bit more than usual to “replenish” the energy you lost with the exercise. This could be a physical trick made by our bodies to give ourselves more fuel, or it could be your mind playing tricks so you believe you deserve the food after having trained so hard.

The best combination to lose weight is on your diet and on your exercise. Both of them are equally important to achieve your goals, focusing a 80% on diet, and the rest on working out.

2) You aren’t sleeping enough

Resting is perhaps the most important task our body needs to perform. We have to sleep at least 7 hours everyday to keep our bodies and to provide appropriate rest to our muscles.

When you don’t sleep the stress hormone, called cortisol, goes out of control along with sugar and insulin. Excess of cortisol makes you likely to store abdominal fat, be anxious and nightly hunger.

3) You increased the amounts of food unnecessarily

To fasten up your metabolism you should have like 4 or 5 daily meals, divided  in 3 main ones and 2 snacks (to avoid anxiety and regulate our metabolism). However, it is usual that you eat bigger quantities. You need to eat 5 or 6  times a day but food portions need to be measured so you can control calories